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Bluetooth headset RF automated test system
Plug and pull forcetesting machine
Paper tape abrasion tester
Sway tester
High-low temperature tester
Tensile Strength Testing Machine
Temperature rise testing machine and Insulation Withstand Voltage Tester
Section analyzer
Rubber alcohol abrasion tester、Horizontal tensile testing machine and Vertical tension meter
Combustion tester and Aging testing machine
The Bluetooth RF automated test system is an automated test system that integrates data query, data statistics and data analysis. It is mainly used for design verification and production testing of various products integrated with Bluetooth technology. It supports the transmission power, frequency, modulation and receiver sensitivity required by the Bluetooth Basic Rate (BR), Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) RF test specifications. In production, a device can be tested within 10 seconds.
With the dynamic impedance test system, it can test the dynamic impedance and draw the "load-stroke-impedance curve" at the same time when testing the insertion and extraction force. This machine is suitable for the insertion force and extraction force test of various connectors. Various connectors are provided. The special clamp fixture and the special automatic heart-seeking device will be able to get a completely accurate insertion force test.
Paper tape abrasion tester is an experimental instrument used to test the degree of abrasion resistance of paper. It is suitable for testing the abrasion resistance of plastic coatings.
Headphone cable taper swing test machine is mainly suitable for headphone cable, USB cable, power cord, etc. to do taper swing test. Fix the sample on the fixture and add a certain load. During the test, the fixture swings from side to side. After a certain number of times, check the wire breakage rate; or when it is unable to energize, check the total number of swings. The machine can count automatically, and it can stop automatically when the sample is bent to the point of disconnection and cannot be energized.
The electron microscope is mainly used to inspect the observation of the microscopic substances of the motherboard and precision parts, and can easily complete high-definition shooting and high-level analysis.
The high and low temperature test box is used to test the high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, and performance of various materials. It is suitable for testing the quality of electronics, components, circuit boards, LEDs, LCD screens, instruments, capacitors, plastics, metals and other products.
The Tensile strength testing machine is suitable for plastic sheets, rubber, wires and cables and other materials. It is an indispensable testing equipment for quality control to test its tensile, tear, peel, compression, bending and shear resistance, three-point bending resistance, etc. Physical testing performance.
The Temperature rise testing machine is a testing machine that measures the surface temperature of electronic products under a certain load current. The rising temperature of the product under normal working conditions or fault conditions, including the surface temperature of the components, the temperature of the product shell, and the temperature of the air inside the product.

Withstand Voltage tester, according to its function, can be called electrical insulation strength tester, dielectric strength tester, etc. Its working principle is: apply a voltage higher than normal operation to the insulator of the device under test for a specified period of time, and the applied voltage will only generate a small leakage current, and the insulation is better.
Check whether the wiring harness terminal crimping is qualified or not. This kind of detection fundamentally solves the problems of leakage, short circuit and spontaneous combustion of consumer electronic products. Mainly through the automatic cutting of the terminal crimping part (no heat, no change to the internal structure), automatic grinding, and then through the professional terminal analysis solution (harmless to the human body) for end face treatment, and finally through the software measurement and analysis, and finally the software will automatically Get a complete terminal analysis report.
The Rubber alcohol abrasion tester can do three kinds of functional abrasion tests of alcohol, eraser and pencil. It is a multifunctional testing machine. It is mainly used for the abrasion test of the surface of the product. It is suitable for the abrasion resistance test of various surface coating samples of the Bluetooth headset, the surface of various products and the friction life of the printing surface.

The Bluetooth headset tensile testing machine is suitable for constant tensile strength testing of the connections of consumer electronic products. The Bluetooth headset hoisting tester is to clamp the upper end of the product on the upper jig equipped with a soft connection, keep it hanging vertically on the test frame, and hang the weight of the specified weight on the hook to act on the specified load along the direction of gravity. Perform constant pulling for a certain period of time to test the ability of the sample to withstand pull-off.

The Combustion tester can quickly and accurately determine the flame retardancy and relative burning rate of aircraft cabin materials, wires, plastics used in consumer electronic equipment, automotive interior fabrics and other materials. It meets UL, FAA, FMVSS standards, and is sufficient to meet your flammability test and fire protection Test requirements.

The Aging test machine is used to test wires, cables, insulators or coated rubber test pieces to compare the tensile strength and elongation of the test pieces before and after aging.